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12-15-2017, 11:01 PM
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PCF271 Into the Sunset
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05-12-2017, 12:43 AM
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  Pacific Logistics Preparing to Receive First 747-8F
Posted by: Andrew De Forest - 05-29-2019, 05:38 PM - Forum: Press Releases - No Replies

[Image: header.png]

Los Angeles, CA - Pacific Logistics has announce that the first Boeing 747-8F has rolled off the line at Boeing's Everett Factory, as part of an eight aircraft order placed back in March, 2017. The aircraft is expected to fly down to PacLog's headquarters in Los Angeles within the next week, where crew training will commence.

"This is a great milestone for us," said CEO Andrew De Forest. "The 747-8F will compliment our fleet nicely, and help improve our global network."

Additional 747-8F aircraft are expected to be delivered in 6-week intervals over the coming year. It is unknown at this time how they will factor into PacLog's route network.

[Image: 1559151078_pl74.jpg]

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  New to PacLog
Posted by: Joshua Warn - 04-13-2019, 07:34 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hi all,

My name is Josh, I just recently joined the VA as a new 777 FO. I flew my first flight last night, PCF302 LAX to MIA in N624PX on VATSIM. Everything about this VA is what I want in my FS experience, the depth of realism is extraordinary, right down to the contact info on the homepage. The only issue I have is it seems to be pretty quiet around here. I'll do my best to promote the VA. Also, are there plans for 777 charters?

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  Hi Guys
Posted by: Jamal Pratt - 04-13-2018, 06:38 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

You guys have a very professional operation going, I'd love to get involved. I do have P3Dv4 but have switched over to X-plane 11. I got tired of dealing with the CTD and memory issues. I think the code is just outdated.

With that said I hope you guys implement the 767 at some point the Flight Factor 767 is a high fidelity sim on par with PMDG. I'll stay active on the forums and check back often. I've been working on a computer that has enough juice and memory to run both sims, so which ever happens first I'll be ready to jump in and start making you guys some virtual cash.

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  N624PX Pre-Delivery Shots
Posted by: Andrew De Forest - 03-13-2018, 08:34 PM - Forum: Screenshots - Replies (1)

Some shots of PacLog's newest Boeing 777F being prepared for delivery, wearing the 2018 livery.

[Image: AZnm79P.png]

[Image: iEqAjbe.png]

[Image: pTdRcZ4.png]

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  Pacific Logistics Unveils New 2018 Corporate Livery
Posted by: Andrew De Forest - 03-07-2018, 10:38 PM - Forum: Press Releases - No Replies

[Image: header.png]

Los Angeles, CA - Pacific Logistics has unveiled a new corporate livery on it's latest 747-400, N635PX. The new livery updates PacLog's previous all-blue scheme with a darker shade of blue covering the tail section, as well as a gray vertical stripe. PacLog's iconic wave logo still remains on the tail.

"This livery might just seem like a cosmetic change," said CEO Andrew De Forest. "But it represents or dedication to staying modern and fresh."

Officials have said that all but one of the company's current aircraft will be repainted in this scheme, the exception being N634PX, which currently wears an all-white scheme.

[Image: fleet-updated.png]

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  Hey there
Posted by: Philipp Vetter - 12-13-2017, 01:47 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (4)

Hey there,

so its my turn to introduce myself. 

My name is Philipp Vetter and i am from the northern part of Germany - so across the pond. Vatsim catched me 11 years ago and still have not released me to spend time elsewhere. I am a reallife Commercial Pilot and Sales Manager in a private jet company, which also takes cargo quite often.

Since my beginning in the virtual aviation i was searching for such well programmed surrounding together with my favourite airframe - the queen of the skies - and i have strong believes that i finally found it Smile.

Outside of aviation? Cycling, friends and beer of course i have to admit. 
That is it. If you guys have any further question or if you find yourself ask for assistance, please feel free to ask. 


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Posted by: Fabio Ludwig - 11-16-2017, 01:50 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hello Gentlemen,

after having put in my application I thought it was also time to introduce myself.
My name is Fabio, I am 26 and from Germany. I am a full time paramedic with a Fire Department and enjoy my job a lot.
I have about 700 hours on VATSIM and flew for a couple of different airlines in the past.
As well as being a virtual pilot, I am also a virtual Air Traffic Controller on VATSIM who is usually taking care of Hamburg and Frankfurt.

I am looking forward being part of this professional looking VA and can't wait to put in some time with the 747.


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  Winter 2017/18 Schedule Published
Posted by: Andrew De Forest - 09-20-2017, 07:24 AM - Forum: Press Releases - No Replies

[Image: header.png]

Los Angeles, CA - Pacific Logistics has launched flight schedules for the winter 2017/18 season, effective immediately. Notable changes include an increase in direct flights to Europe, and several new destinations, such as Luxembourg and Madrid. The company previously operated flights to Europe using a technical stop in Miami.

CEO Andrew De Forest commented "By flying directly to Europe and bypassing Miami, we can utilize our aircraft more efficiently and improve our route network."

Pacific Logistics is also looking to expand their Asian-Pacific markets by increasing operations out of Hong Kong International Airport. The company added flights to Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney from Hong Kong.

Flight Schedule (all times in UTC):
Flight #DepartureArrivalDays
4P121LAX (05:45:00)HKG (19:50:00)-M-----
4P122HKG (21:00:00)LAX (10:35:00)-M-----
4P125LAX (17:50:00)HKG (07:25:00)------S
4P126HKG (09:00:00)LAX (22:35:00)S------
4P212LAX (11:45:00)MUC (22:50:00)--Tu----
4P213MUC (00:00:00)LAX (11:30:00)---W---
4P224LAX (12:45:00)CDG (23:15:00)---W---
4P468LAX (14:00:00)BOG (20:40:00)-----F-
4P225CDG (00:30:00)LAX (11:50:00)----Th--
4P236LAX (13:00:00)AMS (22:55:00)----Th--
4P237AMS (00:05:00)LAX (10:35:00)-----F-
4P260LAX (11:45:00)STN (21:50:00)-----F-
4P261STN (00:00:00)LAX (10:30:00)------S
4P302LAX (04:00:00)MIA (08:45:00)S------
4P302MIA (10:00:00)DXB (00:05:00)S------
4P303DXB (01:20:00)MIA (15:50:00)-M-----
4P303MIA (17:00:00)LAX (21:50:00)-M-----
4P133LAX (00:00:00)PVG (12:45:00)--Tu----
4P134PVG (14:00:00)LAX (01:45:00)--Tu----
4P157LAX (03:00:00)HKG (17:05:00)---W---
4P157HKG (18:15:00)SIN (21:25:00)---W---
4P158SIN (22:40:00)HKG (02:05:00)---W---
4P158HKG (03:30:00)LAX (17:05:00)----Th--
4P161LAX (18:15:00)ICN (07:05:00)----Th--
4P162ICN (08:30:00)LAX (19:15:00)-----F-
4P222LAX (20:30:00)MUC (07:25:00)-----F-
4P223MUC (08:35:00)LAX (20:30:00)------S
4P440LAX (00:10:00)GRU (11:40:00)S------
4P441GRU (12:50:00)LAX (01:35:00)S------
4P151LAX (02:45:00)NRT (13:55:00)-M-----
4P152NRT (15:15:00)LAX (00:45:00)-M-----
4P264LAX (02:00:00)STN (12:05:00)--Tu----
4P265STN (13:15:00)LAX (23:45:00)--Tu----
4P238LAX (06:15:00)AMS (16:10:00)---W---
4P239AMS (17:20:00)LAX (03:50:00)---W---
4P314LAX (05:00:00)MIA (09:45:00)----Th--
4P314MIA (11:00:00)DOH (00:45:00)----Th--
4P315DOH (01:55:00)MIA (16:40:00)-----F-
4P315MIA (17:50:00)LAX (22:40:00)-----F-
4P226LAX (00:00:00)CDG (10:30:00)------S
4P227CDG (11:40:00)LAX (23:00:00)------S
4P175LAX (01:00:00)ANC (06:05:00)S------
4P177ANC (08:05:00)HKG (17:25:00)S------
4P178HKG (21:00:00)ANC (06:15:00)S------
4P176ANC (07:45:00)LAX (12:25:00)-M-----
4P272LAX (14:30:00)LGG (00:50:00)-M-----
4P273LGG (03:20:00)LAX (14:10:00)--Tu----
4P466LAX (16:15:00)BOG (22:55:00)--Tu----
4P467BOG (00:25:00)LAX (07:25:00)---W---
4P153LAX (09:30:00)NRT (20:35:00)---W---
4P154NRT (22:30:00)LAX (08:05:00)---W---
4P167LAX (10:35:00)ICN (22:40:00)----Th--
4P168ICN (01:00:00)LAX (11:40:00)-----F-
4P467BOG (22:35:00)LAX (05:35:00)------S
4P274LAX (00:00:00)LGG (10:20:00)S------
4P275LGG (12:30:00)LAX (23:20:00)S------
4P502LAX (01:30:00)HNL (06:55:00)-M-----
4P502HNL (08:20:00)SYD (18:05:00)-M-----
4P503SYD (20:20:00)HNL (06:15:00)-M-----
4P503HNL (07:40:00)LAX (12:45:00)--Tu----
4P182LAX (15:00:00)ANC (20:05:00)--Tu----
4P182ANC (21:35:00)HKG (08:55:00)--Tu----
4P183HKG (11:10:00)ANC (20:35:00)---W---
4P183ANC (22:05:00)LAX (02:45:00)---W---
4P244LAX (05:00:00)MAD (16:05:00)----Th--
4P245MAD (18:10:00)LAX (06:25:00)----Th--
4P252LAX (08:30:00)LUX (18:50:00)-----F-
4P253LUX (21:00:00)LAX (08:10:00)-----F-
4P1062LGG (00:00:00)DXB (05:45:00)S------
4P1062DXB (07:35:00)HKG (14:45:00)S------
4P849HKG (17:30:00)ANC (02:45:00)S------
4P849ANC (05:00:00)LAX (09:40:00)-M-----
4P1062LAX (11:45:00)LGG (22:05:00)-M-----
4P990LGG (01:00:00)PVG (11:10:00)--Tu----
4P863PVG (12:50:00)ANC (20:40:00)--Tu----
4P863ANC (22:00:00)LAX (02:40:00)--Tu----
4P826LAX (04:55:00)ANC (10:00:00)---W---
4P720ANC (11:50:00)MNL (22:25:00)---W---
4P720MNL (00:25:00)DXB (09:25:00)----Th--
4P720DXB (11:30:00)AMS (18:40:00)----Th--
4P1240AMS (20:35:00)LAX (07:40:00)----Th--
4P1064LAX (11:20:00)LGG (21:40:00)-M----S
4P1502HKG (00:00:00)SIN (03:45:00)S-Tu-Th--
4P1503SIN (05:30:00)HKG (09:20:00)S-Tu-Th--
4P1548HKG (00:00:00)NRT (03:40:00)-M-W-F-
4P1549NRT (05:30:00)HKG (09:20:00)-M-W-F-
4P1670HKG (10:30:00)DEL (15:40:00)S-Tu-Th--
4P1671DEL (17:10:00)HKG (22:30:00)S-Tu-Th--
4P1656HKG (10:30:00)ICN (12:40:00)-M-W-F-
4P1657ICN (14:20:00)HKG (18:05:00)-M-W-F-
4P950HKG (00:00:00)SYD (08:40:00)------S
4P951SYD (10:30:00)HKG (19:35:00)------S

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Posted by: Nick Westfall - 06-03-2017, 02:03 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hello everyone, my name is Nick, I'm from central VA and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and participate in this awesome looking VA. Just one quick question. I wemt to install the liveries for thre PMDG 747 and the read me said I have to use theops center. Wherr can I download that or do I need to buy the latest and greatest from PMDG. Thanks!

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  PCF271 Into the Sunset
Posted by: Krikor Hajian - 05-09-2017, 09:26 PM - Forum: Screenshots - Replies (1)

N630PX and I are trying to squeez in a EBLG-KMIA leg tonight, so I got the flight going, got the AP engaged and went to go get some food. Came back to this stunning picture as the sun set over the Belgian country side. P3D is an amazing program is optimized correctly!

[Image: 6feaa7a97e2242f18e0cd727c55d0de9.png]

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